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Comparison of two schools. Comparison of two schools A group of students were comparing two schools according the phenomenon of racism. Interview with the headmaster. Interview with the headmaster The students made an interview with the headmaster of the Humboldt-Gymnasium about integration and racism.

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Diary of an immigrant Creative piece. Diary of an immigrant Creative piece This is a diary of an immigrant who travels across different countries in Europe UK, Germany, Spain and Italy and gives an account of his experiences -from how he is treated, who he meets to what he does in each country. It is a creative piece written by three students of A2 Spanish in the UK and revised by one of the students in the Spanish partner school.

It won the first prize in our centre for its imaginative approach to the issue of immigration. Collage on Racism. Collage on Racism This is a collage which contains different pictures related to the issue of racism. It includes a message in different languages: 'We are all members of the human race', which intends to remind the audience of the need to remember the fact that we are all equal.

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There is a selection of pieces of work completed by TRC students in collaboration with students from our partner schools. It also displays examples of the pieces of work completed or presented in project meetings by students from the four partner schools such as the mini-projects produced in Bergamo in November Collection of poems. Collection of poems This is a collection of poems in which students reflect on issues of immigration, integration and racism.

They are creative pieces of work whose inspiration has been students' own experiences, research or interviews to others. Untitled film on the Comenius Project. English Italian. Untitled film on the Comenius Project Collection of different significant images and texts ranging from Martin Luther King's famous speech to the arrival at Bari in of the Ship Vlora with 20, Albanian refugees passing through scenes of the film "Invictus" by Clint Eastwood.

Film senza titolo sul Progetto Comenius Raccolta di diverse immagini e testi significativi, dal famoso discorso di Martin Luther King a scene del film "Invictus" di Clint Eastwood ed all'arrivo a Bari nel della Nave Vlora con profughi albanesi. It ends with a live, very personal interview. Si conclude con un' intervista in diretta, molto personale. Integration Powerpoint presentation on the reasons why integration is so difficult. We thought that for a collective it is very important to work together on a common idea, point of view or chosen theme.

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City limits was our first collective work. It lasted one year, and each photographer developed the theme independently according to their personal vision. At certain time intervals we uploaded our project photos in our private forum where each of us could express their opinions, likes, doubts, ditch photos, modify sequences, point out the most significative and strongest photos, always keeping in mind the final goal. For a few of us, City Limits is still an open, ongoing project; for others it is a completed work that gave great personal satisfaction; for some others instead the project never started.

Can you give us an idea as to what it will be about? With a regularly issued magazine we intend to concretely give space to printed photos, articles and projects related to our photographic activity.

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We want to give Street Photography a broad value, a complex vision, certainly slightly different from what most people think. Spontanea will be in the Miami street photography festival, can you tell us how Spontanea will participate in the festival? Being invited by the festival organizers was a pleasant surprise to us.

We were naturally thrilled to accept the invitation, but this also makes us feel responsible and it commits us to do more in the future. In addition, we are awaiting from the organisation the details around the exhibition of our works at the festival. Hopefully some of us will be in Miami during the festival and it is going to be a wonderful experience. How does one become a member of the collective?

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  • Die Kampagne Gib AIDS keine Chance: Eine kritische Betrachtung (German Edition).
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Can you tell us your selection process? To date, there is not a particular selection process, nor we organize submissions windows. We already reached the maximum number of members we can manage and we are not thinking of adding more authors in the short term. The founding members chose each other. Over time, we identify upcoming Street Photographers whose work we find interesting and invite them to join the selected authors list for 2 years.

During this time they work with us and confront with us in the realisation of photos, projects and collective works. The continuous interaction and exchange is good for everybody and produces excellent results, even if it is a resource-consuming activity. As you can see, over time this space has been enriched by meaningful works, showing an entirely Italian high-quality vision, that rewards us and that hopefully rewards also the authors that came to attention and that were chosen by us.

We believe that there should be a strong motivation, a common purpose and the wish to achieve something good and lasting, alongside a constant personal and collective research. Being part of a collective only becomes important when you grow personally with the help of the others, thanks to the stimuli given and received, otherwise it is not worth starting one.

We believe that the final results are proportional to the efforts made. We believe that it is a significative and unique initiative, the first of its kind in Italy, to promote Street Photography. There will be a face to face confrontation, from street photographer to street photographer. We think your blog, with the amount and quality of followers, is the best place to anticipate a great news concerning this event which is that Richard Bram, major american street photographer, in-Public collective member and our friend, will participate to the event and along with all of us, will review, evaluate and award the works submitted.

For anyone who wants to live this experience, visit the beautiful city of Florence and subscribe to the portfolio review, you can get all the info writing to: info spontanea. Le transazioni Qubic devono essere ben formate e firmate, altrimenti i nodi si rifiuteranno di elaborarle. Abbiamo visto in passato quanto sia difficile rendere privi di bug anche semplici smart contracts. Abra appartiene quindi a un paradigma di programmazione noto come dataflow programming e si presta alla cosiddetta wave pipelining.

Questo ha dimostrato di essere in grado di ottenere frequenze di clock da 2 a 7 volte quelle possibili con i sistemi di pipeline convenzionali. Sfrutta il protocollo IOTA per una comunicazione sicura e decentralizzata tra i vari partecipanti. I Nodi-Q possono dare nuova vita ai vecchi PC abbandonati e possono fornire ai minatori di criptovalute tradizionali un modo per monetizzare le apparecchiature facendo calcoli utili invece di risolvere enigmi crittografici senza senso ed inutili.

Supponiamo che il fattore di partecipazione sia Dimostrazione di lavoro Proof-of-Work. Gli oracoli partecipanti possono suggerire aggiustamenti alla composizione delle partecipazioni o altri parametri di epoca in qualsiasi momento, allegando una transazione di aggiustamento. Le ricompense sono distribuite agli oracoli che restituiscono il risultato del quorum corretto, in base al loro rispettivo fattore di ponderazione. Le forze economiche assicurano che le ricompense per ogni assemblea si stabilizzino in un ragionevole equilibrio.

Anche gruppi di oracoli con peso simile impediscono ad un oracolo di influenzare indebitamente il quorum. Un quant finisce quando tutti i qubics a cascata hanno elaborato i loro input e hanno pubblicato i loro risultati. I quant sono anche usati per localizzare i risultati per lo stesso compito computazionale da diversi oracoli.

Tuttavia, Qubic consente la Turing equivalenza su un numero indeterminato di epoche. Infine, la prossima epoca inizia con una nuova fase di test delle risorse. Ogni oracolo pubblica i risultati calcolati in una transazione di commit sul Tangle. La transazione di commit include:. Ad esempio, i risultati del test delle risorse devono essere pubblicati entro un determinato periodo di tempo.

Le marche temporali sono anche utili per le indagini storiche sul Tangle, ma solo se sono accurate e con un alto grado di certezza. Il Dr. Serguei Popov e il suo team della Fondazione IOTA hanno descritto dettagliatamente due approcci alle marche temporali nel loro articolo On timestamps in the Tangle. I pezzi rimanenti sono in varie fasi di ricerca e sperimentazione.

Per ulteriori informazioni in italiano o tedesco trovate i miei contatti a questa pagina. Also published on Medium. Parte 1: La via verso il Coordicidio Coordinatore. Parte 3: Approcci al Coordicidio Coordinatore.