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Ghost Stories From a Haunted House

Dec 07, Beverly rated it really liked it. My first book by John Boyne, one of the most treasured authors on Goodreads, This House is Haunted did not disappoint. A Victorian era ghost story, this novel tells the oft told tale of a governess who because of the death of her only living relative, her beloved father, must go out into the world and seek her living.

Unlike the heroines of most of these stories though, Eliza Caine had a loving home and is a skilled teacher before she begins her adventure.

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She is tenacious, smart and loyal to My first book by John Boyne, one of the most treasured authors on Goodreads, This House is Haunted did not disappoint. She is tenacious, smart and loyal to her young charges and is not going to let them be harmed by a malign presence if she had anything to say about it.

I like how she stands up to conventional tropes of religion and a woman's place and seeks answers for the supernatural happenings she and the children are subjected to. View all 22 comments. Aug 18, B the BookAddict rated it really liked it Shelves: gothic-hist. Orphaned at twenty-one, and forced to leave home, she answers a rather cryptic advertisement for a governess position in a mansion, Gaudlin Hall, in Norfolk. A brooding house, a series of mishaps, unanswered queries and the non-appearance of the parents make for a puzzling arrival for Eliza, not to mention the two sweet but precocious children she is to educate.

This is always the good start to a gothic tale, in my opinion; i. Could there be a malevolent presence that inhabits the house along with Eliza and the children, Isabella and Eustace; something that seems want to be rid of Eliza? Eliza is, likewise, horrified when she finally hears the fate of the five governesses who have preceded her.

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The story gets deliciously creepy when she resolves to leave for London and take the children with her. John Boyne appears to be able to turn his hand to writing about pretty much any subject in quite a few genres. His excellence in storytelling and great literature is evident in This House is Haunted. A satisfying gothic tale filled with uncanny moments, dark mansions and mounting drama. View all 13 comments. Jun 22, Lisa rated it it was amazing. I absolutely LOVE the main character Eliza Caine who has a good amount of wit about her and doesn't do 'damsel in distress'.

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She is the best thing about the book - a woman beyond her years in wisdom and for the time period in which the book is set. She is a fighter and a survivor - I just love her. The story itself is simple but gripping. I love the grumpy characters Heckling and Mrs Livermore - they are so funny and offer some light relief from the threat of the situation Eliza has found herself in.

If you like a traditional read that is fairly modest and not very scary but totally awesome within those parameters then you will love this one! View all 17 comments. Jul 20, Dem rated it really liked it Recommended to Dem by: Lisa.

Shelves: favorites. In my opinion John Boyne is one of Ireland's most versertile writters. I am rarly dispappointed when I pick up this author's novels and This House Is Haunted was a haunting and very satisfying read. What makes a good Ghost stroy? For me it has to be set in Victorian times, with an isolated country manor and unexplainable happenings and you have my interest.

This house is haunted is set in Norfolk in a country house called Gaudin Hall. Eliza Canine arrives to take up her position as Governess. As she makes her way across the station platform, a pair of invisible hands push her into the path of an approaching train. She is only saved by vigilance of a passing doctor I have had this book on my bookshelf for some time and was given a gentle push to read it after reading a review written by goodreads friend. I am so glad I read this novel as it was just a really good back to basics old fashioned Ghost Stroy.

I dont read horror but love a good Ghost stroy every now and then and Boyne has created a beautiful athmospheric and unsettling novel that really entertained and chilled me at the same time. View all 12 comments.

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This was a haunted house story so Dickensian in style, Dickens himself is a catalyst within. I listened to the audio version, narrated by Alison Larkin. I enjoyed this story of Eliza Caine attempting to fulfill her position as governess to two children, in a house almost falling down due to disrepair.

How she got there and her attempt to keep the children safe I will leave for you to discover. I liked the style of the storytelling and I enjoyed the character of Eliza, though at times she seemed This was a haunted house story so Dickensian in style, Dickens himself is a catalyst within. I liked the style of the storytelling and I enjoyed the character of Eliza, though at times she seemed too wily and too naive-both at once. Where the story lost me was at the very end, which is usually where these types of books fall apart, in my opinion.

In this case I didn't mind it because I enjoyed the journey towards the end so much.

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The narrator, Alison Larkin, is new to me, but I loved her performance! She brought the characters alive and I will actively seek out more of her audio narrations in the future. Overall, this was a decent haunted house story and I recommend it to fans of such. View all 6 comments. Nov 12, Collin rated it really liked it. Eliza Caine is terribly disappointed when Charles Dickens announces to the gathered crowd that he is going to read them a ghost story. Not fond of ghost stories, Eliza spends a restless night dreaming of graveyards populated by spirits and ghosts.

Given the name of this novel, a portent perhaps? Upon waking she finds her father in a terrible fever. He had been gravely ill before last night, in which they had Eliza Caine is terribly disappointed when Charles Dickens announces to the gathered crowd that he is going to read them a ghost story. He had been gravely ill before last night, in which they had to walk in the rain to get to Knightsbridge. Eliza runs for the doctor but unfortunately her father passes away leaving her an orphan at After her father has passed Eliza, who is a school teacher finds herself slowly sinking into a state of melancholy and stagnation that she fears could turn into full on depression.

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So she decides to answer an advertisement in the paper for the position of a governess at Gaudlin Hall, taking care of two recently orphaned children, a brother and sister, in the county of Norfolk. She had only been outside of London once before, and although the advertisement is a little vague, she feels it may be just the thing she needs at this point in her life. When she finds out that the house that her and her father have been living in does not belong to her, and that she must continue to pay the rent, that she cannot afford, than the decision to apply for the governess position at Gaudlin Hall becomes a necessity rather than an option.

She sends a letter of application and her qualifications to Gaudlin Hall and is more than surprised when a couple of days later she receives a letter informing her that she has the job. An interview is not needed. Perhaps warning bells should have begun to chime at this point. On the trip to Gaudlin Hall in an open carriage even the weather seems malignant as the rains starts a slow but steadily building assault on Eliza and the driver.

When Eliza asks the driver about Mr Bennet, the man who posted the advertisement and replied to her application, he claims to have never heard of the man. She finds out that Mr Bennet is indeed Miss Bennet the former governess, and she seems to have left in quite a rush. The alarm bells are chiming now. Upon arriving at the country house, Eliza experiences real fear and must suppress the urge to ask the driver to turn around and take her straight back to the station.

Strange things start to happen immediately. Eliza finds that she cannot open the door to the carriage and could almost swear it was is if somebody was holding the handle on the other side, barring her exit. Eventually the cantankerous old driver opens the door for her with no problems at all. From the point where Eliza enters the Hall an eerie feeling pervades the narrative. It is always there never far from Eliza.

There is no subtlety with this ghost story there is a ghostly presence haunting Gaudlin Hall, and it is obvious that it intends Eliza harm. Eliza find out just how much danger she is in when she discovers that three previous governesses have met with ghastly terrible accidents. One, unlucky, two, macabre coincidence, but three! Will Eliza be able to find out what is going on before she meets the same fate as the other governesses?

This novel has all the trademarks of a great Victorian age ghost story. The large almost empty mansion, the protagonist alone in her plight. The two young orphans who must be protected. The villagers who turn away and refuse to talk to Eliza when they find out she is the new governess.

View all 10 comments. Aug 10, Candi rated it really liked it Shelves: horror-creepy , historical-fiction.

The History of the Haunted House in Movies

What if they remain? John Boyne effectively created a very eerie, atmospheric setting for this book which takes place in England during the year The prose is quite tantalizing and drew me right into the story. I actually pictured each scene as if it were occurring in front of me on the big "What if a soul departs this life but is neither in heaven nor hell?

I actually pictured each scene as if it were occurring in front of me on the big screen - in fact, this would make a great movie adaptation which I would not hesitate to see. The story begins with Eliza and her father attending a ghost story reading by the renowned Charles Dickens himself. Eliza is immediately enveloped by a feeling of unease and foreboding. This will in turn set the tone for the rest of the novel and will affect Eliza's thoughts and understanding of subsequent events.

This House Is Haunted

Here she becomes responsible for a pair of very peculiar children - Eustace, to whom Eliza becomes fondly attached, despite his uncanny exchanges with unknown entities, and Isabella, whose sudden appearances and bizarre utterances and behavior made my skin crawl! Mystifying comments by the children, evasive conversations with the townspeople and the knowledge that she is the sixth governess to be hired over the past year, all lead Eliza to realize that she has entered into a very puzzling situation indeed! But, even more daunting is the malicious presence that begins to threaten Eliza's ability to fulfill her obligation as governess and in fact, torments her very life.

Plenty of suspense and a gothic feel, rather than pure horror, unfold as Eliza learns the history of Gaudlin Hall and its inhabitants.