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The Bible does not mention anyone observing a sabbath rest before the days of Moses. This covenant included the Sabbath law. If the Israelites had been under some Sabbath law earlier, while they were in Egypt, how would the Sabbath have reminded them of their deliverance from Egypt as God said it would? Deuteronomy Why did they have to be told not to pick up manna on the seventh day? Exodus And why did they not know how to handle the case of the first recorded Sabbath breaker? Misconception: The Sabbath is a perpetual covenant and is therefore still required.

For example, the Bible uses the same word to describe the Israelite priesthood, which God ended about 2, years ago. Misconception: Christians must keep the Sabbath, since Jesus kept it. Galatians After Jesus died, this Law covenant—including the Sabbath—was taken away.

Misconception: The apostle Paul observed the Sabbath as a Christian. Fact : Paul entered synagogues on the Sabbath, but not to join the Jews in their observance. Acts ; ; Instead, following the custom of the time, he preached the good news in synagogues, as visiting speakers could be invited to address those gathered for worship.

Misconception: The Christian Sabbath is on Sunday. Fact : The Bible contains no command for Christians to devote Sunday, the first day of the week, to rest and worship. Enjoying Your Sabbath blessings. Table of Contents.

Laws on the Heart — Which Laws? The Poor Cousin. How to Observe the Sabbath by Richard Wiedenheft. Used by permission.

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All rights reserved. Broadview , South Australia Saturday, the seventh day Sabbath, is the central holy day of the Bible. It was established at Creation and codified in the Ten Commandments. Sunday, however, has become the most important holy day of Christianity since the second century. The issue of Saturday versus Sunday Sabbath has been hotly debated for centuries. It's also the case that many Christians no longer regard either day to be uniquely holy, seeing all time as sacred.

Here, a case for the traditional Sabbath of the Ten Commandments is presented with respect shown toward differing views in light of the complexity of the issue. Regardless of the stance taken in this debate, what shines through is our physical and spiritual need to enjoy the blessings of God's Sabbath rest. Sabbath rest is a dear friend amidst our hectic lifestyles in a world nearing spiritual bankruptcy.

Chapter 1. Mark The issue of the Sabbath is a highly controversial one in Christian circles.

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Not being brought up as a Christian, I had no weight of tradition urging me toward any particular viewpoint on this subject. However, the subject surfaced in my life in my teen years, and ever since I have had to grapple with it. More of that in a moment. The blessing of the Sabbath is first drawn to our attention by God in Genesis where it says:. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.

Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it [i.

The day was formally codified as one of the Ten Commandments thousands of years later in Exodus We also know Jesus was a Jew by birth, and that the Jews have always kept Saturday as their holy day. This caused me an immediate problem. The whole idea of Saturday Sabbath observance was certainly not compatible with my lifestyle. My number one passion in life was playing competitive tennis with the aim of becoming a professional tennis player, and my Saturdays were critical to this in every way, as most competitions involved Saturday play.

Thanks be to God, the day finally came in my early twenties when I wanted to make a total commitment to Him through Christ. My conscience however told me that if I wanted to become a Christian I should give up playing tennis on Saturdays. Whilst it was reasonably clear to me by then that I was not going to make it as a professional tennis player, competitive Saturday tennis was still the number one love of my life, indeed my idol.

Given my understanding of the Sabbath, as basic as it was then, I therefore had to make a very tough decision. Much to the disappointment of my family and friends I fully committed to God through baptism and quit my competitive Saturday sport. Further down the track as a Christian I could also see I had a spiritual need to tone down my approach to competitive sport, irrespective of Sabbath considerations.

God wanted to be number one in my life, and indeed Jesus urges us all to put the kingdom of God ahead of all things. My convictions about the Sabbath are shared by many seventh day groups including the Adventists, various Churches of God, Seventh Day Baptists, and others. Most of my Christian brothers and sisters in other churches though do not hold the same conviction. I do not mean to judge them by writing this because I fully appreciate what a complex issue this is scripturally and how sincere believers can come to different conclusions on this issue. What I do hope to do though is to cause Christian readers to look carefully at this issue perhaps for the first time, or to re-evaluate the issue in the hope that convictions on the issue may be changed so that they can experience more fully the wonderful blessings associated with biblical Sabbath rest.

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Chapter 2. Several contenders are considered below. We know the Torah includes both the Ten Commandments written by the finger of God and the laws of Moses written in a book — over laws. Should we therefore conclude that the whole Torah is now irrelevant?

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Not so fast. On the other extreme, however, some will conclude from Matthew that the whole Torah still applies. Jesus said:. Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfil. For assuredly … till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. We know though that Jesus offered Himself as the sacrificial lamb and that this fulfilled the sacrificial component of the Torah. Not even regulations concerning one of the most sacred aspects of Old Testament sacrificial law - Passover, apply anymore because Christ is our Passover 1 Corinthians Clearly laws pertaining to the priesthood, tabernacle, or capital punishment do not apply.

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There were also various discriminatory laws which God imposed to distinguish his holy nation from the gentiles laws of separation. We can therefore safely conclude that the entire package of Old Testament law will not be written on our hearts today. Nevertheless, there is much in the Torah that defined sin and which most of us would agree still defines sin. This leads us nicely into the next candidate for the law which is to be on our hearts. Moral laws of God. The moral laws of God are those laws which define righteous and unrighteous conduct.

Torah contains many such laws. Christians would generally agree that the sexual morality laws of Leviticus 18 prohibiting sexual conduct with kin, members of the same sex and animal kind conduct described by God as abominable remain relevant. Similarly we would agree with the moral laws in Leviticus about swiftly paying our employees, not cursing the deaf, and loving our neighbours as ourselves. Further, most Christians would affirm the moral nature of the Ten Commandments.

Working our employees seven days a week is immoral.