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Social proof becomes more powerful when the numbers increase and when the action-takers become more relevant and, especially more like the target. In other words, if you're selling games to rebelling teenagers, don't show testimonials from middle-aged parents who loved it, show other teens. We've heard the phrase a thousand times - "People do business with people they know, like and trust. It's hard to argue with the power "liking" has on us as consumers. Professors of pharmacy Michael Cohen and Neil Davis attribute much of the problem to the mindless deference given to the "boss" of a patient's case: the attending physician.

According to Cohen, "in case after case, patients, nurses, pharmacists, and other physicians do not question the prescription. A physician ordered ear drops to be administered to the right ear of a patient suffering pain and infection there. Instead of writing out completely the location "Right ear" on the prescription, the doctor abbreviated it so that the instructions read "place in R ear. Obviously, rectal treatment of an earache made no sense, but neither the patient nor the nurse questioned it. The important lesson of this story is that in many situations in which a legitimate authority has spoken, what would otherwise make sense is irrelevant.

In these instances, we don't consider the situation as a whole but attend and respond to only one aspect of it. It's no mistake - the power of potential loss is a remarkable influencer. All are examples of scarcity principles at work. The feeling of being in competition for scarce resources has powerful motivating properties. The ardor of an indifferent lover surges with the appearance of often for reasons of strategy, therefore, that romantic partners reveal or invent the attentions of a new admirer.

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Salespeople are taught to play the same game with indecisive customers. For example, a realtor who is trying to sell a house to a "fencesitting" prospect sometimes will call the prospect with news of another potential buyer who has seen the house, liked it, and is scheduled to return the following day to talk about terms. When wholly fabricated, the new bidder is commonly described as an outsider with plenty of money: "an out-of-state investor buying for tax purposes" and "a physician and his wife moving into town" are favorites. The tactic, called in some circles "goosing 'em off the fence," can work devastatingly well.

The thought of losing out to a rival frequently turns a buyer from hesitant to zealous. Scarcity becomes more powerful when it's clear that the resource is finite houses are great for this reason and when immediacy is added to the scarcity as in the case of another buyer on the horizon. Individually, these are powerful instruments of persuasion. Together, they're a marketing force to be reckoned with. The next time you make a landing page or try to drive actions on the web, think about how you might leverage these principles of influence to improve your conversion rate.

As always, looking forward to your thoughts in the comments - I'd particularly love to see examples of the principles in action at on the web. It's something I wanted to do when authoring this post, but simply ran out of time. This is a very good introduction and bit of an overview.

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For those who want to learn more, in additon to the neuro sciences and neuro marketing suggestions and recommendation to check out Susan Weinschenk - read "What Makes Them Click" - look for:. Search engine marketers who combine user behavior, usability and information architecture to their skills are valuable and needed.


Great post, Persuasion and Influence is big part of any consumer behaviour, this goes in line with self-actualisation theory and projected self. Usually a must to read for any marketer. Della Bitta Author This is probably my favourite book as it covers most of theories. Great post This is one of those post that will most likely be timeless.

And you'll have to read it more than once to actually understand it and put it into practise. Thanks for sharing. And that was some self-promotion there :p Retweeting Web Savy customers usually don't fall for persuasions unless they find the stuff interesting or value for money. Thanks for sharing this info.

Guess, I can get away without reading this book now : Pulkit. For instance That readers numbers is a strong Persuasion tool I mean Therefore, Persuasion is 'that' something that can make a user decide if he will commit an action or not PD: obviously, there's a counterpart PD2: ah There are many others who are in discovery mode who like to find the gold which not many people know about : Coming back to your seomoz example, I would never subscribe to a blog just based on its feed burner readership figures. Seomoz has so many feedburner readership nos. Persuasion works best and follows automatic if you're offering real to your customers.

I am Philip. If I close my eyes. Great summary to what is still a marketing classic. It's sometimes funny to me how much marketers have embraced Cialdini's book, since his original research was really about helping consumers defend themselves AGAINST persuasion.

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Reading the book doesn't just make you a better marketer - it makes you more sensitive to when marketing is being used against you. The book also opened my eyes to really paying attention to persuasion tactics, and not just scoffing at some of them. For example, I sat up one night and watched a couple of hours of infomercials, to really try to understand how they do what they do. We're all prone to influence, despite how savvy we may think we are. Isn't the infomercial session a quite entertaining one?

I have the opportunity to see some american ones here in Spain late at night dubbed in a dubious spanish On the subject of late night infomercials Dr. Pete, I succumbed once in my life I plead youth and too many beers and I am still the proud owner of "The best of Three Dog Night" on vinyl. However, it's rather useless as I now have no record player to play it on :p. My partner watches her share of the Spanish broadcasts and I find myself thinking sometimes Maybe I need Pajama Jeans!

Did you end up buying anything? In graduate school, I instituted a "hour policy" on infomercials because I owned so much Ronco crap.

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If it sounded stupid 24 hours later, I didn't buy it. I never bought anything from an infomercial again :. There are so many different angles from which this topic is being approached these days. Cialdini's book is one.

Another great one is Neuro Web Design by Dr. Susan Weinschenk of Human Factors International. Their PET persuasion, emotion, trust design framework is the same as what we're talking about here. And all of this feeds into the topic of conversion rate optimization. What an exciting time! My advice: read them all. Each book is like applying more and more brush strokes to a blank canvas. Just a comment about the name Good Rand!

Of course people will do share this post because, as you said in the 1 reciprocal is a inner status of human being.. Another job well done Rand. Honestly dude, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? It seems like you are always burning the midnight oil. This post was a great distillation of the book Rand. For those of your readers that are on a budget, another title from the same author is: Influence: the psychology of persuasion. The content is almost identical but the book costs a few quid less.

I've said it many times before, but it really bears repeating. This blog has pumped out a tonne of good material including this post. You make it impossible to not check in daily to see what's next.

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Awesome post, great illustrations as always. Influence is one of the most important books i've ever read and i'm positioning it at the same importance level of Caples "Tested advertising methods" another book everyone involved in marketing should read Now it's time for the goodies : You can find some great influece videos directly from Cialdini's website Influence at work. For example, imagine that there are three oval shapes drawn on a piece of paper with two dots located at each end of the oval.

The ovals are right next to each other so that the dot at the end of one oval is actually closer to the dot at the end of a separate oval. Despite the proximity of the dots, the two that are inside each oval are perceived as being a group rather than the dots that are actually closest to each other.