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In I met my first cyborg and it swept my feet off the ground. Please meet Mr.

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What can USB keys do against the most dictatorial goverment on the planet? I met him at SXSW, and that was by far the most terrifying inteview to take place during that week. Take shelter!

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Aux abris! Ron Kuby looks like the Dude and he probably would fit in a bowling club more than in a courthouse. But he's a hero who fights for desperate causes.

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I guess interviewing Peelander Yellow is kinda what it would be like to interview a nice Godzilla or a funny Power Ranger. En interview il y a des bons et des mauvais clients. Il y a aussi Peelander Z, qui se situe quelque part entre un gentil Godzilla ou un Power Ranger marrant. We went behind the scenes of the Hollywood movie industry and met a few unexpected insiders. This is a private video, ask for password. With Internet came the hackers, who created a culture of sharing information. Now this culture is spreading in the real world It is now changing how scientific discoveries are made, by allowing amateurs to experiment and share results.

Edited with the amazing Natacha Giler. Pls contact me if you want the French version.

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Montage : Natacha Giler. When life gives you lemons, some make lemonade, but Ryoo Seung Wan did better than that. Thanks to his action movies, he kicked his way out to becoming one of South Korea's most successful filmmakers. This is the first of a short video series about what it's like to be, like me, living and working between two countries and experimenting with multiple video layers.

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For the amazing French Morning. Clayton Patterson did not wait to have a smartphone to take pictures of everything around him. He's a key character of the Lower East Side, where he's been documenting communities that no other media anted to show : punks, gang members, homeless After a year of chasing her, I finally interviewed Miranda July. The all-in-one artist who tries to actually feel life instead of hiding from it.

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We laughed out loud all interview long but kept talking about very, very sad things. I met the unexpected stars of last summer in the US : the Angulo brothers. They lived most of their lives in a closed apartment of the Lower East Side, with movies as their only escape. They turned out to be pretty normal and even very nice people. Je recommande le documentaire de Cristal Moselle qui rconte cette histoire.

Some stars just collect fans, others use their fame to do something good. Haroon created the first woman superhero of Pakistan, and she hides behind a burka What if video mashups were the real way to travel in time? Soda Jerk and Peter Tscherkassky have interesting theories about all that. He's my biggest crush of , and my role model as a journalist. I met Gay Talese, the 83 year old inventor of long form writing and he shared some of his secrets with me. Il a 83 ans et s'appelle Gay Talese.

The winners of the X-prize, the 1 million award for helping save the oceans, are thousands of miles away from the sea. They don't even have deep lakes around : they're in Montana. In March I met Songhoy Blues, a band of four Malians who fled the djihadists and their ban on music to continue playing theirs, and it's very good.

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It didn't last long before they got arrested but Snowden's face is like the hydra, it multiplies The cops took Snowden's statue down, but it was back a few hours later thanks to the projectionnist activist collective : The illuminator. I met one of its members, Grayson Earle, on the crime scene. He creates tornadoes and hurricanes with feathers and plastic. He's the real magician of fans and air dryers.

I attended DLD festival in Tel Aviv in and stayed a little longer to explore the start up ecosystem of this small but fascinating country.

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From seed engineering labs in lush Galilea to the newest tech hubs in the Neguev Desert, we explored the Silicon Wadi, Israel's take on Silicon Valley. For years Tab was the American sweetheart, under contract with Warner Studios. But he had a secret, and he finally revealed it at SXSW. Usually it's more a gaming thing, but a few filmmakers are applying it to the cinema, and find new ways to tell the story Who could predict music would one day play itself?

My sound person was definitely not. Est-ce la fin des musiciens? Filming friends and relative of great names like Mankiewicz, Hitchcock or Kubrick, I feel very, very, very small. Surprisedly we did not film only computers and geeks.

The numerous Ferraris and Porsches were cut in post, but the rest remains. Director : Thomas Lestavel. Most celebrated fan film of all time! Edited by Gianni Collot. When I was not that much younger I used to make homemade stop motion with an old camcorder, but I met my masters! Thanks to Vine, a recent app that allows you to make short video loops, stopmotion is back in fashion, and not for kids anymore It's probably my only video to have been aired on a big screen for such a long time.

Dancers, runners, campers, drivers, monocyce riders, painters, divers, makers, bio hackers Is OK GO still a music band? Peut-on encore dire d'OK GO que c'est un groupe de pop musique? Mark Hogancamp lost his memories, so he's recreating them with dolls, in a miniature village at the back of his trailer.

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He's probably the most truly original artist I ever met. They're proud to be rednecks and crazy about black diesel clouds. I met coalrollers in the middle nature, and spent a healthy weekend smoking with them upstate NY. Epic sound guy : Kyle Porter. I use my cellphone too much, so I recenty went to a deserted island in Michigan and swam in Lake Superior and camped on a roof in Brooklyn - all this, with absolutely no wifi or any phone around.

Edited by Aldo Lee. I followed French director Antoine Duhamel and its orchestra of kids as they rehearsed and traveled to Argentina for a big concert. Images : Julien Voigt. Fixing : Robinson Hette. Hyperrealism is more real than your own reality I was working with amazing sound person Brett Van Deusen. In during the Gathering of the Juggalos, at 4 am in the middle of the woods I met Bushwick Bill.

I had looked for him all over the place, all day long. We were very far from any trailer, but he said we could do the interview there surrounded by a crew of very high young dancers.