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'Preachers who collect seeds from church members are thieves' - Popular cleric

Anyway, Nigerian singer and on air talent Charly Boy is the latest to go on the attack against these parasitic preachers. However, the company, like Ghana Airways, went defunct several years ago.

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He also moonlights as a fixer for foreign journalists travelling to Ghana for work. Nii has three strong passions in life -- football, blogging and music -- in that order. I am also keenly aware that my interest in politics must not overshadow my interest in the Gospel. I believe that many pastors and Christian leaders have allowed their interest in politics to subvert them from preaching the glory of God and the grace that flows from the cross of our Savior.

I think that Satan would gladly give Christians a victory in the polls on election day if it would mean that a great many would no longer listen to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus.

Pastors/Politicians Who Own Private Jets Are 'Thieves And Bastards'

Or to put it the other way around, I think we should be happy to lose every political battle if it means we win more men and women to a genuine obedience of faith to our Lord and Saviour. We should sacrifice all to the Gospel. Political and cultural issues do affect the proclamation of the Gospel.

Elizabeth Warren - "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves" Political Parody

I am also aware that political decisions do give direction to cultural trends. Furthermore, the Biblical doctrine of common grace means that Christians should actively work to bring betterment to human society.

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We do know that issues, like abortion, reflect upon the value that is placed on human life. Issues surrounding sexuality and sexual identity do have implications on everything from marriage to the structure of a better society. But, my point is that if we achieve a better society but lose Gospel influence, we have lost the greatest part. All of what I have said is but an introduction to the story. Not long ago, I was seated at a table with a federal politician.

Pastors involved in politics? Should churches be politically active?

He is a committed follower of Jesus. I have three strong passions in life -- football, blogging and music -- in that order. I love spending time with friends talking about the important things in life and hate nothing more than 'authority' and hypocrisy fueled by dogma.

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