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Throughout his writing he made reference to historical figures and events, and used constant allusions to literature, current news and cultural matters. For this reason, he may be difficult to read and translate.

This is his style to teach delightfully. Tiene guedejas rubias, Blandas guedejas; Por sobre el hombro blanco Luengas le cuelgan.

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Sus dos ojos parecen Estrellas negras: Vuelan, brillan, palpitan,. Share this poet:. Biography of Jose Marti. I have a white rose to tend In July as in January; I give it to the true friend Who offers his frank hand to me. Verso Xxx A Spanish cleric, [7] under cover of his priestly cape, taught French liberty to a handful of magnificent students who chose a Spanish general to lead Central America against Spain. Still accustomed to monarchy, but with the sun blazing in their chests, the Venezuelans to the north and the Argentines to the south set out to build nations.

Exalted and unanimous sentiments are more readily governed than the divergent, arrogant, ambitious, and foreign ideas that emerge when the battle is over. The hierarchical character of the colonies resisted the democratic organization of the republic.

José Martí

The capital city, in its elegant cravat, left the countryside, in its horsehide boots, waiting at the door. Deformed by three centuries of a rule that denied men the right to exercise their reason, and overlooking or refusing to listen to the ignorant masses that helped it redeem itself, the continent entered into new kind of government based on reason— which should have meant the reason of all directed towards things of concern to all, and not the university-schooled reason of the few imposed upon the rustic reason of others.

The problem with independence was not the change in form, but the change in spirit. Common cause had to be made with the oppressed, in order to consolidate a system that opposed the interests and governmental habits of the oppressor. But the tiger frightened away by the flash of gunfire will creep back in the night to find his prey. He will die with flames shooting from his eyes, his claws unsheathed, but now his step is inaudible for he comes on velvet paws, and when the prey awakens, the tiger is upon him. The colony lived on in the republic. The tiger lurks behind every tree, crouches in every corner.

He will die, his claws unsheathed, flames shooting from his eyes. Through the serene harmony of nature, the genius of moderation seems to be prevailing on the continent of light. The Indian circled us mutely and went to the mountaintop to christen his children. The campesinos, men of the land, creators, rose up in blind indignation against the disdainful city, their own creation. What we had were the judge, the general, the man of letters, and the cleric. Our angelic youth, as if struggling to escape the grasping tentacles of an octopus, cast their minds into the heavens and fell back in sterile glory, crowned in clouds.

The natural people, driven by instinct, blind with triumph, overwhelmed their gilded rulers. No Yankee or European book could furnish the key to the Hispano-American enigma. So people tried hatred instead, and each year our countries amounted to less and less. The nations arise and salute one another. When a problem arises in Cojimar, the solution is no longer sought in Danzig. The frock-coats are still French but the thinking is starting to be American.

They understand that there is too much imitation, that salvation lies in creating.

Create is the password of this generation. Make wine from plantains.

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It may be sour, but it is our wine! The tiger that lurks inside us attacks through the rents in our social fabric, and the tiger that lurks outside us does, too. The general holds the cavalry to the pace of the infantry; if he leaves the infantry too far behind, the enemy will surround the cavalry. Politics is strategy. Nations must continually criticize themselves—for criticism is health—but with a single heart and a single mind. Go down amidst the unfortunate and raise them up in your arms! Natural statesmen are emerging from the direct study of nature.

They read in order to apply what they read, not copy it. Economists study problems at their origins.

Jose Marti: Major Poems (English and Spanish Edition)

Orators speak in measured tones. Dramatists put native characters onstage. Academies debate practical subjects. Each stanza is printed in published form. On a facing page appears a line-by-line analysis of phonemic patterns for each stanza. In each line of poetry Davison highlights die repetition of phonemic material in red characters. Such a graphic representation of sound patterning facilitates die reader's comprehension of Marti's virtuosity. Below each stanza, there appears a prose discussion of the sound patterns in blue. Here, Davison indicates only the presence of patterning without reading into the patterns any emotional or conceptual significance.

Jose Marti Reader; writings on the Americas

Rather, he invites the reader to discover his own impressions aroused by the interplay of phonic and conceptual aspects of the poem. Perhaps the most appealing feature of the book is its accurate depiction of musical qualities without the distraction of statistical data. The text is, in a sense, a handbook which can easily serve as a model for future studies of Modernist poetry. It is fitting, then, that the work captures in a pleasing visual approach, the sonorous experiments in one of Modernism's sonatas and symphonies in verse.

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With this most recent collection, An Afternoon of Pocket Billiards, Henry Taylor continues to develop a poetic stance that marks him as a unique, eclectic writer whose concern for form and content is at once academic as well as popular: he can speak to all of us. An Afternoon of Pocket Billiards offers a variety of styles and themes; no two poems are the same just as no two billiard shots are the same.