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Crop plants of several species have been selected that have hulless seeds, including pumpkins , oats , and barley.

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Husking of corn is the process of removing its outer layers, leaving only the cob or seed rack of the corn. Dehulling is the process of removing the hulls or chaff from beans and other seeds.

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This is sometimes done using a machine known as a huller. To prepare the seeds to have oils extracted from them, they are cleaned to remove any foreign objects. Next, the seeds have their hulls, or outer coverings, or husk, removed. There are three different types of dehulling systems that can be used to process soybeans : Hot dehulling, warm dehulling and cold dehulling.

Hot dehulling is the system offered in areas where beans are processed directly from the field.

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Warm dehulling is often used by processors who import their soybeans. Cold dehulling is used in plants that have existing drying and conditioning equipment, but need to add dehulling equipment to produce high protein meal.

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The different dehulling temperature options are for different types of production, beans and preparation equipment. In third-world countries, husking and dehulling is still often done by hand using a large mortar and pestle. These are usually made of wood, and operated by one or more people.

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Archived from the original on Domestication Neolithic Revolution Triticeae. Still, the exposed skin on my face and hands felt drawn and hot, stinging, a fire of whiteness, a burning Caucasian husk. There is no one under my roof to husk the paddy, or to cook, or to sing, or to drive away evil spirits with laughter.

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  • Portions of the cob and husk were often found grated in with the meal. These elements are in the husk of the wheat and the husk is taken off in making flour, and the flour is mostly starch.


    The unreality of his character was a husk surrounding him, but it did not touch the core. As a verb, attested from s. Related: Husked ; husking.