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The old advice of standing in a doorway or hiding in the closet or under a table is better than running around panic-stricken, and it may just save your life. If you live in an earth-quake prone area, prepare for it by ensuring your home meets current building standards and you have plenty of food and water stashed away.

Broken gas lines can cause fires and your house may be condemned, leaving you homeless. Plan for such contingencies by having a plastic non-sparking wrench available to turn off your gas main and including a good three-day pack including a tent. Hurricanes are one of the few disasters for which you can anticipate some warning. If your home is near the shore and the rising surf is threatening, or you appear to be in the direct course of the hurricane, you may be better off evacuating to higher ground.

Whether or not you choose to evacuate, tremendous structural damage can be caused by objects hurled through windows. Once a window is open, the power of the hurricane can actually blow the roof off the top of the structure!

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To protect yourself and your property, windows should be covered with plywood or commercial hurricane shutters. Garage doors should also be reinforced and the door between the garage and the house itself should be locked and secured. Hurricanes cause damage in multiple ways: high winds, flooding, downed trees and utility poles and storm surges. The farther in-land your location, the less power the hurricane will have by the time it reaches you, so pick your location carefully.

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If you decided to stay in your home, you should pick an interior room with no windows. Move whatever survival supplies you will need into the room, especially a battery powered light and radio. While tornadoes cannot be predicted as early as hurricanes, current weather forecasting technology will often tell us when atmospheric conditions are right for their formation. By sticking around the homestead during a tornado watch, you can help protect yourself from the tremendous damage twisters can cause. A direct hit from a funnel cloud can turn a wooden home into a pile of chopsticks, toss a minivan around like a tumbleweed and knock trees down faster than Paul Bunyon.

How to Survive 2012: Tactics and Survival Places for the Coming Pole Shift

So if you live in a tornado-prone area, you might be wise to invest in an underground shelter, ala the Wizard of Oz. You can use it as a root cellar or nuclear survival shelter as well. If you live in an area not known for tornadoes, but suddenly one is baring down on you, your next-best bet is the basement, preferably in the corner closest to the direction of the tornado.

If you are driving around and a tornado is looming, park under an underpass and run up as high as you can under it. If caught out in the open, head for the lowest ground possible, even a drainage ditch is better than nothing. If a fire occurs in your home you may have to get out in dark and difficult conditions. Escaping from a fire will be a lot easier if you have already planned your escape route and know where to go. Make sure that your planned escape route remains free of any obstructions and that there are no loose floor coverings that could trip you.

Everyone in the house should be made aware of the escape route. It only takes an unguarded or careless moment for a fire to start.

A couple of minutes later and your home or land around could be filled with smoke. Smoke and fumes can kill, particularly the highly poisonous smoke from some furnishings. You will only have a short time to get out. Use it wisely and try not to panic. If you can safely do so, close the door of the room where the fire has started and close all other doors behind you. This will help delay the spread of smoke.

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Before opening a closed door, use the back of your hand to touch it. Get everyone out as quickly as possible. Make your way out as safely as possible and try not to panic. It will help if you have planned your escape route rather than waiting until there is a fire. It is not easy, but try and remain calm. Save your energy to help you survive.

If you are prevented from getting away because of flames or smoke, close the door nearest to the fire and use towels or sheets to block any gaps. This will help stop smoke spreading into the room. Go to the window. If you are in immediate danger and your room is not too high from the ground, drop cushions or bedding to the ground below to break your fall from the window.

Get out feet first and lower yourself to the full length of your arms before dropping. Wilderness Fires. If you are caught in the middle of a dangerous fire storm, your best option is to seek a water source and stay near it. Go under ground if possible, but you need to leave an escape route if the fire changes course. With any fire situation, you always need to know escape routes and have back up plans. Volcanic Eruption. Keep in mind the center of Earth is molten rock, and a volcanic eruption can occur almost anywhere, but there is not much an individual can do to prepare for a volcanic eruption.

Be aware of the hazards that can come with an eruption: the flying debris, hot gases, lava flows, and potential for explosion, mudslides, avalanches, and geothermal areas. Prepare provisions, water, food, blankets, and medical supplies if you live around a volcano before anything happens. Also be ready to get up and outrun flowing lava. Use caution when around or near active volcanoes.

Do not venture toward any activity, and consult local experts on the area. Follow all recommendations, regulations, or requests of officials. Here are some things to watch out for:. Lava flows — Stay away from lava flows. Not all of them will be red-hot and obvious; some move very slowly and appear as dark and solid, but are liquid beneath the surface. Also, do not try to cross an active flow; you might get trapped by multiple lava streams. Pyroclastic flow — Do not visit volcanoes that are having or are about to have Pyroclastic explosions. The high temperature around such a volcano can itself be life-threatening.

Volcanic domes — Volcanic domes and plugs in craters may seem harmless, but they can explode without warning.

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Footing and glassy rocks can also be very dangerous. Some cooled lava of this sort can resemble jagged pieces of glass. Wear good, solid hiking boots on the mountain — never go barefoot. Be sure of your step. Lahars and floods — Be careful when crossing lahars debris flows , for they can gush in large and small floods. Gases — Avoid areas where volcanic gas is released. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide can kill quickly and silently. You may not be able to hold your breath long enough.

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If you see a location around an active volcano with dead vegetation, carcasses, or bones, do not enter it. Stay on marked trails, because the thin silica crusts over boiling pools can break if stepped upon. If you Fall in, it can potentially cause third-degree burns or even death. Before an Eruption Occurs :. Discover whether there are volcanic hazards in the area likely to affect you.

If you live in an active volcanic zone, always assume that you may have to deal with the effects of an eruption.