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Where the Crawdads Sing is the latest to feature and I was late coming to read this. This is a Great for your junior reader but not for the faint hearted! Benji lives on a farm and gets into all sorts of mischief — things that frighten him and the unexpected happens…BUT there are untold ways to wash, dry and clean your undies!! Fun illustrations match the Malala was attacked by Taliban terrorists for speaking out about education when she was 15 and together with her father she has campaigned on these important issues. She is currently studying at Oxford University.

This is a timely, quality publication to coincide with the Te Papa, Wellington exhibition on at the moment. Scarfie plural scarfies New Zealand slang…a university student, especially one from the University of Otago. The term scarfies comes from the nickname given to students as they wore blue and gold scarves in cold Otago winters in support of the Otago Rugby Football Union.

Anyone who has studied at Otago University will have countless stories of their student The author is the South East correspondent from the ABC and gives an exclusive account of the rescue as he held vigil on the ground throughout. Dr Mosley will be in New Zealand this month and is amongst our bestselling authors of quality health books.

This is his newest title and gives us a manageable programme to maintain calorie fast days. We have been spoiled for choice with quality and authorised biographies these last few months. It is rare for him to reveal his private side of life, This is not a new release but the new Netflix series based on this book has motivated many to de-clutter and follow her principles.

The key to successful You know this boat, it sailed from Aotearoa. It stays Now I challenge you to say that title without singing it! From one Kiwi duo to another, sister act Jules and Lynda — a couple of dames! Farmers and growers committed to making our food healthier, tastier and leaving our land more productive for the next generation were celebrated in the This is a celebration of friendship between two Kiwi legends, Sam Hunt and Colin Hogg — one that spans decades and the sort of stories that make for great reading.

Off The Road is a wild, hilarious, no holds barred book about the Following on from his You Tube series, the author has collated some of his favourites ready to inspire you into tiny Most famous for her acting career, Reese Witherspoon is carving out her brand in notable book club recommendations and fi lm rights. With the popularity of vintage and classic caravanning increasing, it was only natural we would see a rise in the pairing of the chosen vintage models.

A powerful story focussing on the topical issues of race, gun control, gang impacts on society, family and friendships. I always enjoy reading young adult titles and this will Though big, this book is exhilarating from page one and you will not be able to From home design to the outside, this is New Zealand women and their extraordinary gardens.

It showcases women who have worked tirelessly to create unforgettable gardens, bringing their vision to life with energy and verve. The authors have searched throughout New Zealand to fi nd the very best to feature in this sumptuous gift book. Each gardener and garden has This is the second picture book featuring the L.

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Cs little anxious creatures and is designed to teach building blocks for resilience in children. Loppy and Curly are back to help children find their brave as they tackle life. Kids do all the time. A new fun and quirky series for your junior reader. Bab is the son of archaeologists, a loner in the world, but on one of his adventures he fi ds a beard that magically attaches to his face!

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This leads him to befriend two mummified animals that help him unravel a mystery and keep him safe as they discover the Corey is a wildlife biologist working for the Department of Conservation and specialises in work to protect the endangered kea bird. Ajax is a working dog trained to help find the nests of kea birds in remote parts of the South Island.

Together, Corey and Ajax make the perfect team to monitor the native bird species and protect them from This is a delightful bilingual story in English and Maori. But what will Nan do? Will she be happy about the little feathered visitors?

A tui This is a reprint of a wonderful celebration of the sheep stations that are a core part of our rural life in New Zealand. The stunning art work on the cover shows you the quality and standard to expect within the Last year he released Holding with successful sales and reviews. Staff member Karen recently read A This is the satisfying conclusion to the Last Hours that was released last year and left us on a high and dangling! The Black Death plague of has passed on but there are still unknowns and the people of the demesnes are untrusting as some are without their leaders.

In the demesne of Develish, Lady Anne has to make the This is one for the junior reader 8 years plus and fi rst in a new series. Maxine, known as Max is twelve, an orphan and squats in an abandoned building in New York city along with other kind, lost and lonely squatters.

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Max idolises Einstein the scientist, hence her name as she has no idea of her beginnings in life. The Wilson sisters are prolifi c writers, penning horsecraft books for adults and children. This time they have an annual out just in time for Christmas and holiday times on the horizon. Vicki, Kelly and Amanda are ready to There has been few and far between books dedicated to the plight of the Vietnam War but we are starting to see more and hear their valuable stories.

Max Hastings is an authentic voice as he shares vivid personal memories as he reported on the war. She arrived in the then unknown rural outpost of a town, Kununurra, in With three children in tow and determined husband who had made the decision this would be their home, land From the author of award winning book Aotearoa, Gavin Bishop presents his new book around the cook who cooked for Captain Cook.

Coinciding with the th anniversary of Captain Cook setting sail across the world via the Pacific. Lisa has a regular spot on the TV AM Show and speaks from credible experience in the business and finance sector. Her strength is taking a place in the world usually Australia but not exclusively and writing about the unique geography with vivid descriptions — so much so that you want to immediately travel to these destinations to discover them There is a science to success in baking and during the show we bear witness to the execution of correct method and process. It is the science that allows the puff in the pastry, the lightness in the filling or the right There are few books on the subject of dance for the older, skillful dancer until American photographer Jordan Matter captured this market with his first book Dancers Among Us a few years ago.

He now delights us with his new book Born to Dance — Celebrating the Wonder of Childhood a collection of new artistic images. Throughout the pages are short Prominent media personality Wendyl Nissen was many years ahead of the trend when she started her Green Goddess business and chemical free products.

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Now, of course, living a life mindful of impacts on the environment is current trend and Wendyl has combined the best information from her previous books into this one complete and full volume. However, his sister Tina was 12 years older than her brother so she writes from a unique vantage point having observed his life from the very beginning. She cared for him as their mother had to return to demanding work schedules and has always So there is much to celebrate for this milestone hence the fabulous cookbook that has just We have had Go Girl!

Stories of New Zealand Women now we have the collected stories of Men. Various illustrators enhance the pages of each story. TV popular chef and restauranteur, Michael Van De Elzen needs no introduction after a variety of adult cookbooks. Australian author Scott Pape is the founder of The Barefoot Investor and after fifteen years in the media has reached millions of Australians with his financial insight. In he released Barefoot Investor a bestselling book and just recently the updated edition arrived instore.

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He has particular skills for financial Again, this is a debut novel and I absolutely loved it! Peggy Smart lives most capably and independently in her little villa within the Jacaranda Retirement Village in a Sydney seaside suburb. Lesley is a staff favourite and this new release has been highly anticipated both in store and for fans alike.

Women were wearing their skirts shorter and There was great excitement in the stables as the official birthday for all horses 1st August was on its way Meet Mini Whinny — a pint sized pony with a big attitude — whatever will her farm friends do? A delightful new tale and new series from award winning New Zealand author Stacy Gregg.

Jodi never shies away from controversial topics and her new book is no different.

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This makes a comeback after a long hiatus in the outof-print vaults. Perfect timing for the school holidays to be inspired with gadgets, sports, spy craft, stories and trivia. Try some knot-tying This is a compilation of beastly bedtime stories for kids. Stories with vampires, bats, pirates at a dance party and a zoo in a room. Bears who are scared and things that go splat in the night — from a collection of noteworthy authors Their stay promises transformation, counsel and rejuvenation whilst enjoying hot stone massages, attention and healthy food — well that is the plan Whilst reading this I decided to put spotify on and have her music playing along as I read — and it was a trip down memory lane.

British born but raised in Australia, this is the fi From the author of Very Cranky Bear, this is a delightful new tale. Nicholas Ickle is trying extremely hard to write a scary book but his efforts are thwarted by un-scary things appearing in his tale! Even his monster turns out to be a sharing, caring type Things that are nice, bright, delicious, cute and fun all de-rail his scary Are you looking for a new fun series for your junior reader?

Perfect for school holidays, this is book fi ve in the new Dogman series from the author of Captain Underpants. Written and illustrated in a similar style to Captain Underpants, it is funny, animated and a great tale too. Unauthorized but complimentary to the game, explaining the what, where and how you can create too. Perfect timing for the school holidays, this is an action packed page turner suitable for intermediate age plus readers.

Australian high school student Jarli has used his coding skills and perfected a new app Is It Bedtime Yet? This holds many smart ideas for sustainable New Zealand homes. An eco house takes care of the family within from dawn before the family wakes from the insulation from eco-slabs in foundations through to hot water supplied by solar heating stored overnight.

Modern, new and always improving science used in planning an eco home with exceptional results now.