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The lower limit is sharp and slightly undulated.

There is a lateral evolution of the sedimentary facies. In the southern part of the section, only a few concave-based subdecimetric structures associated with coarse sands and small grains are present at the top of the unit.

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In the middle part of the section, a crude sub-horizontal lamination develops. At the northern end of the section, it gives way to a bedded deposit. The bedding is then formed by cut-and-filled lenses, more or less rich in granules and dipping by about ten degrees to the north.

Some of these lenses are very rich in archaeological components, mainly bone fragments, burnt or not fig. It is formed of massive brown to dark brown 7. Its structure is massive, except for a few isolated beds, darker or sandier. The lower limit is clear, slightly undulated, underlined by small grains and gravels.

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This contact is sub horizontal, except at the north end of the section where its inclination reaches about twenty degrees. The excavation showed that this gravel corresponds to a residual pavement, composed of juxtaposed rock fragments of various sizes fig. The associated archaeological pieces are imbricated between the calcareous debris and have a preferential orientation associating two modes; one conforming to the slope, the other transverse to it. Sedimentary features are rare fig. The dominant microfacies is that of a platy microstructure superimposed on the original granular structure of the deposit fig.

Eluviated areas are also observed.

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They are characterized by a depletion of the fine fraction of the matrix and of the cappings around the aggregates. This phenomenon is particularly visible in the pavement of level IIIc fig. Unit IV: 30 to 60 cm thick deposit, composed of yellow clayey silts displaying a massive or polyhedral blocky structure and a more or less clear granular substructure.

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Under the microscope, the sediments appear to be formed by the accumulation of rounded aggregates frequently containing a phosphate nucleus fig. A platy structure is locally observed. Some rock fragments, sometimes with an alteration cortex, are scattered throughout this unit. Its lower limit is sharp. Unit V indeterminate thickness : Stony and gravelly deposit with open to semi-open structure containing locally lenses of sorted material. The clasts are more or less blunt.

The bedded organization of deposits, their coarse texture and the bluntness of clasts indicate that Unit V result from high energy turbulent flows. Unit IV corresponds to an accumulation of pseudo-sands transported by runoff. The sorting and the blunting of the grains testify to this. A contemporary soil freeze has probably favored the production of aggregates Bertran These grains originate from the erosion of pre-existing deposits of the cave, as indicated by their phosphatic nature. The presence of small bone splinters in some of them indicate that the latter derive from the fragmentation of coprolites Horwitz and Goldberg Runoff, rock fall and solifluction processes contributed in variable proportions to the formation of units II and III.

The small structures with concave base filled with a coarse sediment represent the filling of channels Lenoble These, added to the lamination of the sediment, attest that concentrated runoff was the dominant process in bringing fine materials. Moreover, the presence of a bedding in relation to erosive structures cut-and-fill structures, granules beds, and stone pavement in the northern part of the section indicates that the flows were very competent at this place.

In addition to the characteristics of the stony fraction no sorting, isotropic fabric , the close relationship between the size and nature of boulders and gravels on the one hand and the morphology of the ceiling of the cave on the other hand, attests to a simple fall of the debris detached from the walls.

Numerous ovoids are present among the pseudo-sands of Unit III. They indicate, too, that a freezing of the soil occurred during the formation of the deposit. Moreover, the observation of displaced fragments of boulders, of undulated laminae and of an associated platy microstructure indicates that these deposits were retouched by solifluction processes. However, this dynamic has not profoundly altered the deposits insofar as the original sedimentary structures are still present.

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A cryosol develops at the top of Unit II. Indeed, the regular spacing of the involutions that affect this unit and their association with a well-developed ovoid microstructure testify to the action of cryoturbation. The genesis of this fossil soil implies a local morphological stability. This sedimentation stoppage is also evidenced by the alteration of calcareous debris at the top of the unit and related to the redistribution of phosphates that are at the origin of the films coating the rock-debris Campy and Chaline Moreover, the formation of this cryosol implies a colder climate than the current one; it is probably the reflection of a very cold episode of Isotopic Stage 2.

This episode has been observed in the whole upper cave level see above, paragraph "Evolution of the upper level". Unit I corresponds essentially to the formation of a flowstone.

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Detritic sedimentation is limited to decantation deposits in puddles. This radical change of style of sedimentation leads to ascribe this unit to the Holocene. The thickness of Unit III and the richness of the archaeological material it contains suggests it is possible to identify several evolutionary stages within the proto-Aurignacian Szmidt et al. For these two reasons, the sequence of the site is unique and remarkable. Indeed, as shown by geological study , archaeological levels are associated with various sedimentary dynamics: rock fall processes, runoff and solifluction.

The question of a change in the organization of remains due to these natural processes therefore arises. In order to answer this question, the study of the setting up of the layer of remains was undertaken. Rock fall and solifluction processes also contributed to the formation of the deposits, but sedimentological study indicates that their contribution is more modest see above.

Therefore, the study of the formation of the site focused mainly on the impact that runoff could have on the constitution of remains layers. Four criteria are used for this purpose Lenoble They are:.

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  4. Refittings were done Normand , but they were considered too few to be taken into account. As shown in figure 8, large-size archaeological objects, teeth and knapped flints from 3 to 5 cm, are blocked between the rock fragments of the pavement. The orientation of these objects, conforming or perpendicular to the direction of the slope, indicates that they were trapped during transport.

    In the context of runoff, these pavements form in the zone of erosion or transit and the blocked objects represent the largest objects immobilized during transport Lenoble We can thus deduce:. The fabric of the diamicton rock fragments was also measured table 2. Table 2 - Statistical characterization of fabrics of archaeological remains and rock fragments contained in unit III.

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    As shown in figure 9, the measurements made in the unit IIIa diamictic facies are not compatible with a redistribution of the remains by runoff but are similar to those of rock falls what is consistent with the series of measured rock fragments. On the same diagram, it appears that the fabric of the objects contained in the pseudo-sands facies of unit III is not diagnostic. Both sets of measurements are as similar to objects displaced by runoff as to those of undisturbed sites.

    For this purpose, the parameters L and p of Curray were established on series of 30 objects, successive in stratigraphic order figure 10A. This figure shows significant variations, which is expected for runoff deposits Bertran and Lenoble The same graph is established with the doubled value of the angles fig. This procedure is used in the case of a bimodal distribution of vectors.

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    It has the effect of superimposing initially transverse modes Baschelet Therefore, if the series is bimodal, the vector intensity L increases when the angles are doubled. In the context of runoff, a bimodal distribution of the objects is observed in the case of material redistributed in channels Lenoble Therefore, the shaded areas in figure 10B are interpreted as layers of material redistributed by runoff.

    These sub-squares were selected in such a way that, on top of unit II, the different facies of unit III are represented: clast-supported diamicton in the sub-square V 1 31b and bedded pseudo-sands in the sub-square V 1 29b. Results are shown in table 3. They are compared with the experimental models of dimensional assemblages produced by hard rock debitage Bertran et al. The remains of Unit II are systematically sorted due either to the absence of coarse fraction V 1 29b or, on the contrary, to the under-representation of fine fraction V 1 31b ;.

    Several exposed surfaces, sometimes successive, differ as the small fraction is under-represented. B — Comparison between the vertical evolution of the vector magnitude calculated from the series of initial orientation measurements and from the series with doubled angle values. Curves represent moving values based on series of thirty measures subset from the measures put in order from the top to bottom. Table 3: Isturitz, Saint-Martin room. Proportions of lithic remains by dimensional class recovered from the two sample-columns.

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