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This attractive smaller course is for the novice as well as golfers who just want to relax. Take a look at the Strathtyrum. Very nice.

The Beginner’s Guide to Golf | Everything You Need to Know About Golf

The Balgove Course is the baby of the St Andrews Links family, yet reflects the high quality of design and maintenance given to all the St Andrews Links courses. An ideal course for beginners and children, but a serious golf course nonetheless. What a special little course. St Andrews Links has left no one out. Here the less confident golfer can enjoy a true golfing experience complete with bunkers and undulating greens. Scotland, the home of golf, offers great links golf for every level of skill. They up-sticks from their base in Florida every year and come to Scotland for 3 months.

Because they love it. We can think of no better people to tell you about why Scotland is such a special place. They maintain an entirely independent website, Golf Nook Scotland , focusing on the independent golf traveler visiting Scotland. They have kindly allowed us to share their insights here on Ginger Beer Golf Travel. Keep in mind that the piece doesn't mean 12 clubs, but 9 clubs, 2 headcovers for the woods, and 1 bag.

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To address the 9-clubs only issue, Callaway also offers and piece set for a slightly higher price tag. You Want More? Get These Extended Versions:. The piece includes a sand wedge and a 4-hybrid, so now you have 11 clubs in total and 4 included headcovers.

Rule #1 - Don't read golf magazines to learn to play golf

The piece adds a 5-wood for more versatility on the fairway, totaling the number to 12 clubs and 5 headcovers. So, you will have 10 clubs in total and a stand bag with a pretty good value. One major downside in our opinion , you might want to consider is the steel shafts instead of graphite. Graphite shafts can significantly improve distance for beginners with lower swing speed. Using steel shafts from early days can indeed help beginners to get used to feedback and responses. We feel that this Wilson Complete Golf Set can especially be suitable for beginners with naturally high swing speed.

The steel shaft can help you control your tempo. Overall, the Standard edition of Wilson Complete Golf Set offers a very decent overall value, including 10 different clubs in a very affordable price tag.

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Although it was released in , we felt that this package provides a great overall value as a whole package. The brand Confidence might not be as famous as other top brands such as Callaway or TaylorMade. However, they have consistently produced many great products with exceptional quality and affordable price. While it's very affordable, it includes 6- to 9- iron and a pitching wedge, along with a 24 degree lofted hybrid.

It also includes a cc titanium driver with a nice degree loft for easy elevation and forgiveness, and a semi-mallet putter. Being even more low-priced than the Wilson Complete Golf Set mentioned above, it is an excellent overall value. The included irons are full cavity-back models, excellent for their forgiveness and ease of use. The Titanium driver is also especially excellent, encouraging higher launch and trajectory, forgiveness, and better overall control.

It only includes a single hybrid club, but the degree loft is actually very versatile, and can easily replace your long irons. Of course, it also includes a nice stand bag with plenty of external storage. For its price, it is a complete package and great overall value. You will still have a budget space to buy the wedges and woods not included in the package.

1. Don’t try to shoot your best golf score (have NO expectations of how you will play)

Yet, this package is the most affordable, and with the excellent price tag, the quality of the package is very decent. The included hybrid is quite good with a degree loft angle, which is very versatile. It's easier to get the ball up and flying through the air than with a comparable long-iron.

Admittedly, the included driver and putter are not very good, yet they are still decent enough to help beginners improve their game. If you're not ready to make a big investment in golf, this set provides enough performance to get you hooked on the game and ready to upgrade. Due to the affordability of the package, however, you might want to use some of that money you save to add a 3-wood and a sand wedge.

A very decent overall value.


The Pinemeadow PRE Complete Golf Set is one of the most popular complete packages for beginners, being fairly affordable yet packing a very good quality. The package is a piece and includes a very nice driver with a graphite shaft and The choice of a The package also includes a 3-wood with degree of loft , which will be easier to hit off the tee than a If you find the driver too hard to hit, try using your 3-wood off the tee until you're more comfortable on the golf course. Of course, it also includes a hybrid to replace the long irons, a standard feature of most beginner sets. The included hybrid features a degree loft angle, again, this is a relatively odd choice, but it is designed to close the gap with the long irons better.

For the iron set, the Pinemeadow PRE includes 4- to 9-irons along with a pitching wedge. The irons are made of stainless steel, and the club heads are big enough to promote forgiveness by making the sweet spots big. Last but not least, the included mallet putter has a large, helpful alignment line that both helps beginners see the line and provides a high Moment of Inertia. It is well thought out and well-made. The included bag and covers are actually some of the best quality compared to other packages on this list.

With 11 included clubs, it provides extra versatility over some of the club packages, and its durability was among the best of the beginner sets we reviewed. It includes 11 clubs and a very nice stand bag, and the durability makes this a solid long-term investment. The Callway X2 Hot driver and irons from Callaway are one of the most popular clubs today, succeeding the best-selling X Hot line since This line is designed with distance and forgiveness in mind, and they are some of the longest drivers and irons available today.

This complete set does not include a golf bag, which is a shame. This set is also significantly more expensive than others on this list. Considering the quality of the Callaway X2 Hot series, this is a great investment, especially considering they can still be effective once you passed the beginner stage. The X2 Hot clubs are still popular with mid-handicap players, so you can consider it a very high-quality long-term investment. The driver is top-notch with a graphite shaft, It is one of the most forgiving and longest drivers around nowadays, and you can strike awe-inspiring drives even when you miss the sweet spot.

The set includes 6- to 9- irons, and a versatile 5-hybrid to replace the 5-iron. They are well-made with perimeter weighting technology for forgiveness, accuracy, and distance. One of the longest irons available. The included 3-wood has a very big club head, allowing more forgiveness, and is made with a similar approach to the excellent driver. The package also includes a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. You might notice this is the only set on this list that includes a sand wedge.

The sand wedge is very important to add more versatility to your game, and to escape difficult situations traps and bunkers. This is a nice inclusion and is another major selling point of the set. However, you might notice that this set does not include a putter, which can be a hassle for some. We feel that putters are especially personal, and it will be extremely hard to find a putter that will suit your preferences in a complete set. Most likely you will invest in another putter anyways, so overall this is not a big issue.

As you can see, there is nothing but praise for the Callaway X2 Hot Complete Set, yet here are some pros and cons of this set. The X2-Hot is actually a professional, high-end club set that can be used by beginners, instead of being a true beginners' clubs. Even so, they are some of the most forgiving clubs available today, and beginners can definitely benefit from using them.

The driver and irons are some of the longest and most forgiving in the game today and are popular even among Tour pros.

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